Monday, February 28, 2011

I can't concentrate.

We got a new car!! Well it's not a new car, it's a used but you know what I mean. It's a cute little honda hatchback, and even though the mileage is high they're supposed to last for a long time. It was only 1500, so that means we have 500 leftover from our 2000 limit and after we sell our other car hopefully we will have enough to do a little fixing up, and registration, tags, and insurance. I'm so glad we got a decent car. I'm just anxious about registering it and stuff though. I always get anxious when I know I have a lot to do that week. Tomorrow I need to go over my coupons and re-organize them, gaaah it will take forever, and I also need to organize all of our bills and important paperwork. My brain is overflowing with everything I have to do right now I can barely even type haha. I'll post more later!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dolla dolla billz ya'll.

Seriously I am so sick of being poor. The past three cars we've had have all been shitty cars, so with my tax return we were hoping to get something halfway but I only got back 2000 dollars, and it's hard to find anything decent for 2000 dollars. What I wouldn't give to have a brand new car with no problems and low mileage and not have to worry about fixing it anytime soon. I wish I could get a job, this shit is getting ridiculous.

You say you want life, but you stop right before the good part.

I love love love this song. And the whole Album.