Sunday, December 4, 2011

Refurbished Jewelry Box.

I found this Jewelry Box at the thrift store for a whopping .50 cents! I wish I would have thought to take before pictures, but I'm just going to be blunt, It was ugly. A nasty off white color with wording on every drawer saying which jewelry should go where. It was just screaming at me to take it home and make it pretty. So I did. This cost me nothing to make, since I already had all the materials on hand, all I paid for was the jewelry box. And now my little sister has another Christmas present to add to the pile. :)

I chose a hot pink color for the box, and painted the drawer handles purple, and also mod podged some flower scrapbook paper to the top.

I painted the inside of the drawers purple to coordinate with the drawer knobs.

I modpodged some more scrapbook paper to one of the sides, as well as some cutout scrapbook letters.

I also modpodged her name on the other side, and painted the inside of the box a teal color. Covered in a few clear coats of spray paint and there you have it! So pretty and girly :)

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