Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm so tired.

So Nick and I went to sleep around 11:45 last night. After laying in bed for awhile we heard glass clinking together, but we just brushed it off. Fifteen minutes later I heard it again so I went to check it out and almost my peed my pants laughing. Noelle was sitting on the couch in the complete dark with her pillow and blanket. And she was eating out of the candy dish that was full of jellybeans, she ate most of the dish. Now here's the dilemma, I couldn't put her back in the playpen because she would have cried and screamed and woke up Eli. I didn't want her in my room either trying to wake up Nick. So I lay down on the couch with her and she did not want to sleep. She kept covering me with her blanket and petting my hair and trying to put me to sleep haha. Then she proceeded to fart like 3 times, and every time she farted she said "I fart" and then cracked up laughing. Still not wanting to go to sleep, she decides to ask me for an apple over and over again. When I don't answer her she changes tactics and starts asking me for milk. I ignored her on that one too. Finally she got up and ran a lap around the living room then asked me if she could go to bed. This REALLY surprised me. So I put her back in her playpen and she went right to sleep! Needless to say, we still spent most of the night awake. :(

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