Thursday, October 20, 2011

Guess whose back..

OH HAIII! I'm back. Obviously I haven't posted in awhile, We just got the computer fixed. My last post is actually the day our computer broke haha. Soooo we moved to Newton about 2 months ago, which is 4 hours away from Overland Park. The only grocery stores we have here are Walmart and Dillons... Which sucks because catching a good deal is really hard. Dillons here doubles coupons up to a dollar but their prices are usually so high that it doesn't make a difference. For those of you that know me, this really sucks for me because I am coupon crazy. I've been driving to Hutch the past few weeks to shop at Aldi, since there isn't one here and that's like a 30 minute drive.. Which brings me to today's story! Park City is only about 15 minutes away and the grocery store there, it's called leekers is doubling coupons up to and including 1.00 this week! Unlike dillons which only does up to a 1.00 and doesn't go over. I was soooo pumped, not to mention they are having good sales there this week anyways, so I loaded up the mini me and out we went. Here's my shopping trip!

First Transaction: 2 Digiorno pizzas @ 6.49 each; used 1.00/2 coupon doubled to 2.00 and when you buy 2, you save 1.00 on your next order. Total : 11.98 saved 2.00

Second Transaction:
1 Gallon whole milk @ 2.99
3 green giant vegetables @1.00 apiece, used .60/3 coupon- doubled made them 1.80 for 3, or .60 cents a box.
Honey Nut cheerios @2.00, used 75 cent coupon, doubled made it 50 cents
4 campbells soups @ .69 cents apiece, used 40/4 coupon, doubled made them .49 cents apiece
2 sundrop sodas @ 1.59 used 1.00/2 doubled, .59 cents apiece
2 kraft ranch dressings @ 1.00 each
1 Act popcorn @ 1.00
2 Jif to go peanut butters @ 1.00 each, 55 cent coupon doubled, FREE!
1 Doritos cannister @ 1.00
Indian Corn Candy corn @1.69
Taco shells @ 1.00
Tyson grilled chicken strips @2.50, used 1.00 coupon doubled, made it 50 cents.
1 Purex laundry detergent @2.99
1 Lysol wipes @1.99, used 1.00 coupon, doubled, FREE!
2 lbs of bananas @18 cents a lb, 46 cents.
Celery @1.00
Lettuce@1.00 used 1.00 of free produce when you buy 2 kraft dressings = FREE!
5 lb bag of apples @ 2.99
5 lb bag of potatoes @ 1.59
Red onion @ .52 cents.

Total = 27.29  Amount saved= 32.99

Highlights of my trip : Milk was 2.99 a gallon! Milk at dillons or walmart is well over 4.00 a gallon. I didn't have coupons for everything I needed, but that's okay because they had some awesome sales too. I spotted a few more deals I can swing next time I come in, so you can bet I will be there again this week stocking up on things for the winter.

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