Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post Holiday Depression.

Christmas is over. All the toys are out of their cardboard boxes, and have been carted off by the recycling truck. FINALLY. I've had cardboard piled in my laundry room since Sunday, and the clutter was driving me insane. I packed up the Christmas tree, and decorations yesterday, all the while my precious little 2 year old was crying and pleading with me not to take down the "Chrissamiss treat". Despite wanting to have my house back to normal, I really didn't want to take it down either. :( I feel like December flew by so fast, and Christmas didn't even feel like Christmas for me because we didn't get to spend Christmas day with the kids. I'm not all that sad though, we still have one more Christmas celebration to do on New years, and we have a babysitter that night to go out as well. I wish I could say I'm super excited to go out, but I'm really not. :-/ My anxiety comes and goes, but lately every time we go somewhere unfamiliar with strangers, or somewhere really loud it really flares up. So I'm probably going to spend the whole night anxious and nauseous, so I won't be able to drink. I don't really enjoy drinking too much anyways. Don't get me wrong I love the occasional glass of wine, or just drinking enough to feel tipsy, but partying and getting completely wasted, and then puking is not my thing, it never has been.  On another note, this new year brings a lot of hope for me, and I can't really say why yet, just know that I'm really excited. :) My diet officially starts next week, and I need to find a way to start exercising. Hopefully it's more than just doing yoga on my living room floor haha. So this is the last week I can have soda, or eat junk food so I will probably eat my heart out and be in a food coma all week. Here's to the new year! :)

Happy new year from the Hensley family!
-excuse the sleepy I just woke up and never brush my hair mom look.

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